Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Tai, you got yellow skin and almond eyes. You're nothing but a chink to them. That's why we live in Chinatown. There's no mistake, that's the way they want it."

Wut. Heavy big brother talks.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Like a boss. Work smart, not hard? Even if it looks super suspect.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love the fact I can walk into a bar to get a philly cheesesteak on a Wednesday and listen to Solomon Burke.

With 2 million views, this commercial has definitely gone viral. It's pretty good though.

This is so strange. Yet so cool.

I can barely draw a good hand. Watching this guy sculpt a hand out of clay in seven minutes is pretty rad. The music is pretty painful though.

I want to put stickers on my face. I love them.
Well, this view never gets old.

My friend's new tattoo is one of the best Bart tattoos I will ever live to see. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


They got that PMA. Old Bad Brains footage.

No bald heads here. Except maybe in the audience.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thanks to Kelling for posting his efforts on the Inf4m x Pork Slope vimeo collabo. I haven't been able to eat at Pork Slope yet but I am sure its delicious. Another NY food jam to support.

Thanks to Milton for posting this on fb. Lance. Sick.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Randomly walked into this record store in Soho. They specialize in obscure records and out of print books. 
Fucking score. This book is amazing. The images are beautiful and super inspiring. I've been reading up
on the previous editions and apparently the first one is super dope as well.

Thanks to Matt for this link. So fucking funny.

JAH also lives in this duck over rice dish. This duck is the truth. Some of the best I've had
and I've had duck everywhere. From Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York to London.
This spot called Keu is a new Vietnamese Bahn Mi spot that also offers grilled mackerel, classic bahn mi, and
a great selection of Vietnamese dishes. Between the burgers and the duck, London- you are getting your food shit together. This duck
was better than duck I've had in New York's Chinatown.
Fucking proper.

Yeah. This is hilarious. Jerry deserves an oscar for this photoshop job. Sk8 boners. If it's not already obvious- the girl who wanted to get back at him did a pretty terrific job of it. She wins.

This is how my evening began. Dinner for one on the busiest night of the week: Saturday. For one thing, I've
sort of observed that everyone in London is a couple. If I lived here I would be the country's permanent third wheel. Going out to dinner on the weekend alone in Shoreditch is like the worst idea ever. There was a pizza cook in this open kitchen at this 'bougie pizza gastro pub restaurant spot and when he saw me at the counter, he like jump kicked the air and yelled "hai ya" at me. Fucking awkward! Then this other pizza cook looks at me, rolls his eyes, and said "Sorry he's Italian."
Dino from last night. Dude's got the biggest smile- so rad.

Audrey fully taking a glass of beer from one bar and walking it to the next bar. 
Walking shot. If you've ever wondered what people look like in London walking down the
street well I just made your dreams come true.

Will! Such a good host!
Where the fuck did I just walk in to?

A bar called Visions.

The bar is melting.

One day I'll look at these photos when I'm old and grey and be like "damn".
When we were at the last bar this guy, Ola,  told me I should take my "fashion top"
with them to Visions. Dude. he called my thrasher hoody a fashion top. It was hilarious; the Queen's English. 

When I get drunk I just start aimlessly pointing my camera in different directions. You know,
intruding on other peoples special occasions. Although I question whether eating cake
in this insanely packed bar on a Saturday is the most ideal situation.
London, where dudes aren't afraid to wear flashy, patchwork button ups.

Taking photos with English Snooki in the bathroom.  Drunk.

Party face! 
I don't know what's going on here at all. Did I try to take a photo of strangers making out?

Will "The Party" Harmon. Yeah, nobody calls him that. Haha. This is also the expression
that I imagine people have when they are listening to Morrissey though. 

In London they rock those old school New York poses super hard. Loves.
Somehow I figured out how to take a bus in the right direction back to my hotel. I've been
lost half the time I've been in London. I'd also like to point out that the dude
in the back is wearing pink pants. And the dude eating fries was offering "chips" to
everyone. Europeans!