Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wow. Future shit. This is an amazing new product that treats anything you put it on as virtually water and liquid proof.


This interview with Snowden came out over a month ago but it's still really interesting. Whether he's a hero or a traitor to the U.S. is upto the individual to judge. I personally think he stood up for what was right in his mind, despite going against the entire United States government. That has to count for something.

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This fucking interviewer is such a douchebag. Way to be impartial. "What is your definition of profiling?" What are you fucking retarded? Look it up. I'm surprised the interviewer didn't ask Trayvon's parents what racism means to them. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

The News is a fucking joke. And out of all news rooms KTVU in the bay area. Fuck that summer intern. Fuck anyone with two eyes that let this "official list" of racist American me love you long time Chinese oriented joke names pass for the pilots of Korea's number 2 airways. As someone intelligently pointed out .. "that summer intern is a patsy." And they're probably totally fucking right. I'm so sick of these fucking stupid easy laugh Asian jokes. And especially after two 16 year old girls died as a result of being burned to death while being torn from a fiery plane. Yeah. These trivial "Asian" lives are worth making jokes about because all these Asians, we're all the fucking same. KTVU is claiming a "mistake". Me under estimating how powerful my fart is , is a mistake. This is just negligent and poor example of "news reporting". Racism in fucking America. Still waiting to hear the verdict of the Trayvon/Zimmerman case.

A 12 year old boy who would make any free thinking parent proud. This kid is amazing. Thanks to Monica for posting this on facebook.

Reading this article and listening to Malala Yousafzai speak seriously brought tears to my eyes. Being shot in the head by the Taliban, surviving, and pushing forward to better the world through peaceful change and education is not something you get to witness every day in this day and age. Especially not with an individual who just turned 16. The world never ceases to amaze me and all the humans in it. She is definitely an inspiration and proof that despite the problems we think we have, there are plenty of things in this world still worth fighting for. And even though they don't all have their own reality shows or instagram accounts, they are out there changing things about the fucked up world we live in because their eyes are wide open.

Dude. This dog is better at skating than I am!

Um. Super good! Thanks to Bosco for posting this on facebook.

Gonna be at Enids tonight with Jason who also illustrated this flyer. Stoked to be friends with such talented people!


With the impending closure of Max Fish on Ludlow drawing near ( July 31), it's natural that in my drunken state I utilize this video tool on instagram. Why flood the feed with multiple photos when I can flood the feed with half the amount of videos? Shit's done changed and it's gonna keep changing. Manhattan is one of the most obvious examples of change and transformation. Get Heavy. And maybe if you're lucky you'll remember it all someday.

Got you stuck off the REALNESS! One of the best songs. EVER.

Last night at Max Fish. OFFTHEHOOK. The sound system was fucked so he basically freestyled shook ones.

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Necro freestyling in Bed Stuy.. 1992


Undercover 1990's coverage. Shitty sound but pretty cool footage.


BBC always coming through with great documentaries. This one is about the legendary hitmaker Nile Rodgers.