Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hey! That bear stole my dumpster!! Ha. So good.

Posi Vibes Subway Prank!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Heavy Discussion instagram photo art. Xtreme Sheboarders: Elissa- stalefish, Marisa- Boneless over stairs, Amy-Nose grab, Alexis- Kickflip 50-50 down table.. Style over everything.

Update: Best part of this is I just found out all these clips are from last year. Heavy Discussion permanently out of the loop


Marisa might have placed 4th, but she's still a hero in my book. Best X Games Profile for sure.

Alexis killing it as always. Beast kickflip 50-50 down that picnic table. Looking forward to the contest's coverage highlights this weekend.. Females be killing it out there these days.

The government is filled with crooks and criminals who blatantly tell lies and break laws yet nothing changes and nobody gets punished. So when Snowden wants to alert the public about blatant back door government shadiness on citizen rights, he's immediately guilty of treason. The point is- the facts he has come forth with are largely true if not transparently true about what the government can do with your information and how they monitor you. The government admits to having the capabilities to spy on everyone, with the Patriot Act in effect, what really stops them from having to justify any breach of privacy? From the gross negligence of the DEA, to judges being guilty of selling kids into the prison system, and so on and so forth,  it's pretty obvious that government agencies and public servants do a pretty shitty job of overseeing their own bureaucratic red tape and culture of corruption and next to zero legal accountability to actually effect positive social change. Before you know it, you'll have a personal drone outside your front window the next time you google "heavy discussion". It will be in the nation's best "interest" to do so. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wow. Let's make a song listing the most racist stereotypes about Asian women ever. The band claims this is satire. But good satire is constructive social criticism. These dudes just want to butt fuck a bunch of tattooed asian girls with heavy eye make up. This isn't satire this is horse shit. And this is also one of the worst fucking examples of racist verbal and ocular diarrhea I've had to witness in a long time.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who could ever forget this classic? Ultimate Warrior.

Disgusting. Fucking pigs. Between this and the San Diego college student left by the DEA in a holding cell for four days straight.. just more examples of beyond disturbing acts by the "powers that be" that seem to always go unpunished.


Watch Episode IV: Origins on PBS. See more from Craft in America.

Program: Craft in America

Episode: Episode IV: Origins
The American craft tradition did not just appear, fully-formed and mature. The artists in Origins tie their work to early craft techniques and demonstrate how they are involved in passing these techniques to others in a continuum of creativity. Featured artists include Philip Simmons, Mark Hewitt, Teri Greeves, Jim Bassler, Paul Stankard, and Vernon, Pam, and Travis Owens.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watch a.k.a. Don Bonus on PBS. See more from POV.

PBS's POV is one of the best things ever. A.K.A Don Bonus is about a teenage Cambodian refugee growing up in 1993 San Francisco. Some super heavy shit.

Program: POV

Episode: a.k.a. Don Bonus
A raw and revealing video diary by a Cambodian-born teenager who turns the camera on himself. Under the guidance of veteran filmmaker Spencer Nakasako, Sokly Don Bonus Ny offers a stark look at coming of age in San Francisco's inner city where he confronts the reality of the American Dream.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Pretty cool alternative go-to's. I can't believe it's almost August!

Shitting wetsuitpants vol. 1