Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another sickening example of how the justice system has failed to punish a murderous cop. Okay, so an 18 year old chased into his own home and fatally shot while flushing weed down the toilet somehow doesn't warrant punishment? Especially when the cop apparently saw his hands and there was no gun. 

This cop was indicted the first time but because of some political, bureaucratic "mistake", they had to find a new grand jury. The second jury found this cop to be not guilty and therefore he will not be re-indicted at all the second time. No question this incident has not been covered nearly as much as Trayvon's case. The fact this shit happens to the point of normalization is fucking INSANE.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Only in NEW YORK can you find a baby shark on the train.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dont' know what artist this is but the hand drawn cartoons are cool.

Quartersnacks in Berlin. Super good! Punx Not Dead

Monday, August 5, 2013

Who can't use a daily Karate Kid sponsored motivational life youtube? "You've waited forever, it's now or it's never. It's the moment of truth!"

Hm.. Saw this was happening a few weeks back. Feels oddly staged. Even though it is a music video that shouldn't be surprising. This video successfully blurs the line of performance and performance.. just leaves me kind of confused. Update: I think what was confusing me was realizing that a celebrity of his magnitude declaring performance art on himself is like watching someone try to unscramble an egg. Someone wrote on my Facebook " art is about being close, celebrity is about being distant." It's obvious for a lot of celebrities there is a gross imbalance. Even though there is no question Jay Z has come a long way, and is an insanely talented musician as well as businessman, I just don't understand why he couldn't just say he was giving a free show and call it a day? Does everything you do have to be wrapped in a layer of Picasso? I guess he just wants to remind everyone he's an artist.. like incase you forgot. 


K holed into "Orange is the New Black" for the past few days. The new Netflix series is based on an actual memoir of one relatively privileged, white woman's year in jail. I have to admit after the first few episodes, I struggled with aspects of the main character's personality. Probably because the protagonist is basically the quintessential "WASP" and parts of her attitude just kind of annoyed me. However, once you let the episodes ride, you begin to get sucked into this world that seems like a pretty damn believable reflection of the complexities, corruption, and dehumanization that plagues the actual prison system. The episodes are weaved with present jail situations and flashbacks into the various inmates' pasts and how they came to be where they are. I like the cast of characters because not only are they diverse they are believable humans that do not always subscribe to the obvious character, gender, or occupational stereotypes. The drama that unfolds in her life inside and outside of jail slowly begins to unmask this unpredictable beast that exists in all of us when the chips are way the fuck down. Like prison down. Basically, prison ( and life) has a special way of breaking your spirit, losing your sense of integrity, and above all, losing your mind. Who we are as people when we feel empty and alone is the quickest way to find out what exists at our core. With the popularity of this new show, opportunities to continually address criminal justice reform and our shameful justice system, have already started to make their own waves. 

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The following link is for a comprehensive article researching the differences between the memoir and the show. Super interesting if either the current state of our prison system and or truth vs fiction interests you.