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Friday, September 13, 2013

Thanks to Roxanne for this Lock Picking tutorial.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is the blog getting too heavy? What about a Bad Company break? Don't you know? You're a shooting star.


Thanks to Melissa for sharing this article from WIRED. Apparently Apple is trying to introduce biometric fingerprinting authentication to future phones. What the hell is so god damn important on your phone that would require an everyday citizen to utilize a basically military grade authentication system? Shit is SCI-FI. I mean. Has anyone ever had their credit card or debit card stolen? Way worse. Fuck a phone with your weird nude pics. Who cares. The article concludes, "as wonderful as technological innovation is, it sometimes creates unintended consequences-including legal ones." And this my friends, has UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES written all over it.  Sure, I'll share my drunk facebook status updates with the world, and yes one time when I was 19 I secretly puked under the bar at Pop's while seated, but even I have boundaries. I refuse to willingly allow anyone to hack my fingerprint. What kind of millenial dummy do they think I am? I bet the future is full of weirdo fingerprint gypsies.


An article on The New Yorker about "How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy: The New Yorker" link below. Thanks to Paul for sharing on facebook. How humanity will forever grapple with understanding the true effects of social media on humankind. Interestingly enough, and logically enough, there are two competing theories. Studies that show indeed humans are worse off engaged on facebook because most time is spent being passive, scrolling, trolling, which basically encourages momentary depression and boredom. On the other hand, there are studies that show there are also positive effects in being interconnected. It all seems to boil down to the individual user and how they spend their time engaging or not engaging. How we change or abstain from changing with our technologies to conform to our best interests. But as humans we don't always know how to make ourselves happy, so what exactly are our "best interests"? Therefore, facebook can represent itself as this article describes as "symptom" to a bigger problem. No wonder the internet can be such a K hole.

It seems that people who abstain from using social media altogether are not necessarily "happier" or "unhappier" than those who use it. But one thing is for sure, personal technology is engineered to be addicting. Once locked into certain avenues of socialization and connectivity, it is hard to rewire your brain to do otherwise. But, I personally believe that the biggest danger with social media outlets, the internet, technology, whatever it is, is how it makes us view ourselves. Anything that you choose to do in life you should choose to do it because it empowers you and allows you to grow positively. Anything that makes you doubt yourself or second guess the importance of the path that you lead, should always be the first thing to get dumped. If facebook turns you into a jealous weirdo that envies the lives of others, or just makes you feel shitty, yeah it's probably time to quit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LES park rippage with Yaje and friends.

What started out as a simple facebook status update, I've opted to illustrate more on the heavy.

Let me set the scenario up:  two girls drinking SPARKLING ROSE by a window for maybe 10 minutes. Obviously an open douchebag invitation.

A dark haired guy with a flannel shirt and odd lengthed shorts rushes out of the dim lights and immediately seats himself next to me.

"WAS I INTERRUPTING?? (no time for human response)
IT'S NOT LIKE YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING SERIOUS.. (20 second pause) LIKE ABORTION, AM I RIGHT??" humorized this obvious douchebag.

What the fuck is wrong with people?


Wow. You fucking suck. You shitty, ever so failing, worst side dude ever. And don't worry, dedicated heavy discussion reader, heavy discussion was represented fully in those moments. It was repped so hard that he did leave after I ended his social amnesia with, " THIS IS YOUR CUE TO LEAVE."

But what I should have said from the beginning upon the word "ABORTION" was, " Well. No. We weren't talking about abortion. But now that you've brought it up I think you should go abort your fucking shitty self." By the way, who uses abortion as a fucking joke pick up line around the very people who will cut your fucking balls off in your sleep. Worst WING DUDE EVER. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thanks to Quin for sharing this on facebook. This is a really cool idea. It makes total sense so we will have to see how many actual companies would be open to working on an idea like this. I think it's a great idea because not only will it allow product transparency as far as limiting waste if your phone breaks, but it will also potentially diversify the personal technology market.  I also think these huge companies like Apple would not willingly want the market to go this way as it's pretty obvious Apple relies on their customers to buy their latest, exclusive gadgets. In the end, as a consumer, if I could choose to consume towards a product that can help redefine the way we consume electronics altogether, that would be a worthwhile adventure for the environment. Because honestly, the only thing I like about my iphone is instagram. And I don't even have to have an iphone to have it. I mean who knows how well these phones work but I just bought a printer today with a clear lid so I'm pretty convinced anything can happen.


AMAZING. THE POWER OF THE INTERNET. Good for you Jimmy Kimmel. You win.

Taking it back. FIT.

This phenomenal cave was only discovered four years ago. Can you imagine that? I wonder how other natural wonders are still undiscovered? Who knows maybe this cave is from another universe! Insects with antlers? Nuts. After traveling to New Mexico and visiting the Carlsbad Caverns, I have a new found appreciation for caves. They are such a marvel, but just like all beautiful things in nature somehow they can be the most dangerous places to visit. I'll probably sit this one out for a minute. Not trying to scale the side of a massive wall cliffhanger style just yet. Don't get me wrong, it looks beautiful enough to die in...but I'm not trying to get buried alive just yet.

This artist generates 3d renderings of strangers' publicly discarded DNA samples. It's become apparent to me that while I would have never identified as being interested in "sci-fi" as a genre, every day it becomes a lot more obvious that we are living in someone else's sci fi reality. The fact that she can casually do this is pretty insane. We are the aliens. NOW-FI.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Was involved with this Slow and Steady wins the Race video that just went live today on Super proud of everyone involved! Part of a Julie Ruin video? Not too shabby!


Remnants of institutionalized racism. The story of the Central Park Five is pretty much heartbreaking. There's also a petition out to fire Elizabeth Lederer who was one of the lead prosecutors in "the Central Park Five" case. She was part of a team that was responsible for convicting five teens who were falsely accused of assaulting and raping a female jogger in New York City's Central Park, on April 19, 1989. She is currently an assistant D.A. in New York and teaches at Columbia Law School.

Check here for more INFO

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Thanks to Dogbone for this internet gem. FIRE TWERK.


I been slacking on the updates. Usually I am pretty compulsive about uploading photos. Oh well! Here are some photos from my New Mexico trip. Being out there was a great experience. Driving around aimlessly searching for a "fabled" ditch to skate. This ditch is so long though I found the gnarly weird part that I'd probably have to get dropped out of a helicopter to get enough speed to actually cruise it for more than a few minutes. Oh well. It was cool to explore it.

Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque.

Most important meal of the day.

Epic foods.

This is a good one.

Cheese fries with green hatch chili. BOMB, BOMB, BOMB.

Taos Gatekeeper.