Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do yourself a favor and watch this from UPWORTHY. The politics of the shutdown are laid bare bones for anyone to follow. "WHY HAVE THE RULES BEEN RIGGED TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN??" Asks the (D) Rep from Maryland.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

While I'm ranting about dumb assholes wearing hats in bars, there is obviously some REAL shit going on. Thank you Melissa for posting this on facebook because yes. The struggle is REAL. And shit is FUCKED for so many people. I will pray to my agnostic God that people can rough it through these bullshit times because, it is all SUCH BULLSHIT. And yes, although disenfranchised communities have roughed it through other government shutdowns and let downs, it doesn't mean that any ONE of those shutdowns or let downs are just as unthinkable. None of them are justifiable to begin with. Every person has to pay taxes, AT THE BARE MINIMUM WE ALL DESERVE WHAT WE FUCKING PAY FOR. And that is, at least show up to fucking work so the government can function in some way shape or form to ensure the survival of the humans it is programmed by all of our tax dollars to help. Including ourselves. FUCKING A.


Dear Bobby,

Fuck you Bobby. You fucking suck. I told you your Autumn patch hat was cool as we passed by each other at the Commodore tonight. And all you did was give me the lamest attitude.. " I wear it to switch it up" he said.

The best part was he followed up his gear choice reasoning by sprinkling in my first ever Autumn pop quiz. Instead of saying thank you or just ignoring me, he asked me twice "What do you know about Autumn??  That's my shop."

To which I replied, " I used to work there."

Thinking that would solve any lingering doubts in his mind of my Autumn faith, he then found it appropriate to ask not once but TWICE, "If you know about Autumn, why did they shut down?"


In the moment I almost wish he asked me how many kids Autumn Dave had. With a fourth one on the way, I could have clenched a title of some sort. Gender could have been lightning round.


I wish I was drunker just so I could rip off off his fucking hat and give it to Dogbone who witnessed the whole thing.

UPDATE: I want to take a giant runny dump on all of Bobby's stupid "streetwear" hats.

Monday, October 14, 2013

RAZOR TAIL ALBUM TRAILER from brett land on Vimeo.

New Razortail album is gonna be so tight . C IT TO BELIEV