Monday, November 11, 2013


It's been a while since my last update! Been traveling a little too much in the past three weeks. Feel like an airport zombie. But fuck it! Thankful I get to travel. Going back in to China later today so the updates will be sparse again.. until I go back to NY. In less than a week.

Tokyo details

I love the cabs in Tokyo. And the buses. And anything else that has a color scheme on it.

This kid was crying in the middle of the sidewalk. The kids in Tokyo are super cute. They are all steezed out like a combo of their parents.

Wish I could afford this Beastie Boys shirt. So sick. Also saw some Lance Mountain sweatpants, an 80's Gonz Thrasher tee and also an original Animal Chin shirt you don't want to know the prices of.


White Supremacy is alive and well in Tokyo.

Selfie with a "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME" beanie.

Laces out.

Tokyo Graffiti. STYX for life

The bakeries are so good in Tokyo. All the flavors, and the combos. Savory and sweet.


Strawberry Chocolate Chip? Get outta' here.

Saw this guy in the subway. He was carrying this plastic baby. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Saw this guy chillin. So cool.

His wife. Duh.

Obligatory "Welcome to the Japanese system" photo.

Tunnel by the Shibuya skatepark.

She is 10. I've never met a corgi I didn't like. When I first saw her I thought she was a statue on the sidewalk.

Came up on a bunch of keychains and pins in Tokyo. Finally came across that Shamu keychain I never wanted. Cue middle school Shamu jokes.

So many rules in Japan.  Love visiting here but don't know if I could live here. Too many rules! Gets me kinda bummed!



Pepper Lunch. Cook your own steak slices in a sizzling platter. Served with special peppered rice.


Pepper Lunch's steak with special house butter

Outside the Watari museum


A Taiko Drum performance in the center of Shibuya. I love watching traditional performances. Transports me to ancient times where most cultures possessed some version of warrior cultures.

Once upon a time heavy drum beats led warriors into battle. Or prepared them for one.

Female drummers are one of the coolest things ever.