Saturday, November 23, 2013

One of the best and most creative shows on TV. Face Off is a reality show where special effects make up artists compete. If you're into costume, design, or sci-fi.. this is simply one of the most interesting shows to spend your time watching. Below is a look at some of this season's finalists' work. Sorry couldn't make the preview window any bigger!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

David Guttenfelder uploaded 41 uncensored instagram photos from North Korea. Some really beautiful (slash what photo from North Korea isn't automatically eerie?) photos. Thanks to Mike on facebook for the link.


Congratulations to Jerry for making the move to Chocolate! Jesus. Jerry on Chocolate- how rad. Can't wait to buy a Chocolate board with that signature Chocolate portraiture flare of him. Must read article with Jerry below. The amount of honesty and insight is not a common thing to come across in interviews so this one I find a particular gem. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

My version of "Coming to America". Me decked out in all LIN throwback gear that is still barely on shelves in Hong Kong. Kind of sad when I have to get my New York souvenirs from Hong Kong! Fuck it though. Gotta rep my dude. Also. Checked out the Jeremy Lin documentary on the plane ride over,  and meant to write about how good the documentary is. If you like stories about the classic underdog, it is definitely worth checking out. Serendipitously, the crew that filmed his documentary started filming him right out of college; before the NBA. His chance arrival as a later addition to the Knicks roster last year was the culmination of an incredibly trying and personal journey that is shown through a stirring narrative. At least for me. If life is about surviving and overcoming the odds, it is a truly inspirational story. I mean come on, Asian dude in the NBA?? I think the term "rare phenomenon" would be appropriate here. Being a part of that energy that electrified New York for those few months has made me a fan for LIFE. Plus the odds of another Asian American NBA point guard is like uh. you fill in the rest. Wait, where can I get an ESPN sportscaster? They might be able to finish this summary up with something about him cooking with peanut oil on the court or his "special courtside vision".