Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Making of Malala

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gino coming through with the sweet moves as usual. Thanks to Will and Abe for posting this.

Great song

Average White Band is a great band name

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Not sure if it's a coincidence that both cities I travel to / live in the most have both become "playgrounds for the rich". It is hard to ignore the obvious class divide that now exists in both cities where both "working class" and "culturally diverse"elements have long sculpted the iconic identities of both cities. There was writing on the wall a long time ago. But to see it actualized in this kind of growing extreme in a relatively short amount of time, especially in San Francisco where the land size is only 49 sq miles compared to New York's like 300 sq miles, is just a general bummer. And it's not just the fact that new buildings go up and that all change is bad, or that everyone that is new moving in making more than $75,000 a year is automatically a dickhead. One of my concerns is what's really happening to balance out the overhaul in class displacement? Nothing. Nothing ever happens when big money is involved. And why should the middle class expect different treatment than those who the government identify as "poor". And there are endless examples of this in America. Dude I was at Target with my mom today and I saw a boardgame for LOGOS. Just identifying logos like fucking Taco Bell and shit. America is Big Business. And unless you are in the 1% we are all virtual pawns in the matrix with internet access. 

Because there are two sides to every coin and while it is a shitty move to evict people out of their homes, if the real estate prices call for higher rent then is it the land owner's responsibility to theoretically "subsidize" lower rents for it's tenants as the values change?

The shitty thing about getting older in this day in age there is not always a black and white answer.  I think there used to be more black and white answers. Like people used to be able to afford college. People used to be guaranteed jobs after college. People used to be able to get married and have a kid at a younger age and it wasn't economically impractical. All these things constituted to people being able to afford a "middle class" lifestyle and consumer luxuries. Even if you didn't graduate college, there were still opportunities in other fields like manufacturing to bring home the bacon. The white picket fenced dream of Suburban America. Before you know it, people are going to be taking out mortgages on tree houses-SHITS DONE CHANGED!

I've asked plenty of real New Yorkers what they've felt about all the changes in New York, and almost all of them have said that they just got used to it. It's only a matter of time before your feelings become calloused to all the bullshit that you feel you can't control. But getting used to things doesn't necessarily mean you don't care anymore, I just take it as you kind of move on. But if you really want to do something, no matter the obstacles, whether physical or financial, people have always found ways to do some pretty impressive things. Sometimes you just have to get more creative when the path isn't as clear. As long as you don't get burnt out on the bullshit because willpower is a sacred resource that the 1% is probably trying to dismantle. And right now the middle class path in America has obviously been dealt a hand grenade but I think despite the odds, some really cool, unexpected things can still stand to happen in the future.

My dad sent me this a month ago but I never got around the posting it. With 13 million views because it has become a viral learning tool about the current wealth inequality in America.


Went to SOTY last Friday. Ran into a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while which was cool. Haven't been to SOTY since Appleyard won. Which was like uh a long time ago. Managed to get in which was cool but it's kind of lame how hard it is to get into skate events these days. Not that I would know because I haven't tried to get into an official skate event in years. But you know whatever, in a utopian world skate events would be like Robstock, everyone's equal to show up, party, get annihilated, get run out, or leave.

This dude was rapping. I couldn't see anything inside, it was just a ton of laser lights at the venue. This was also the same venue I saw Boyz II Men a few years ago when I was back.

It's not a party until the shoes come off

They still have _______ sponsor's chicks strolling around at events? Does that kind of marketing actually work? Hot chicks clad with logos? Might as well be a Hook Ups ad.

I just remember this dude trying to point me out to Phelps, like he was talking shit. I snapped a photo of him as he walked away. I snap photos for documentation. An insurance if you will. Incase later in the evening I forget who I hate.


Farmerhouse and Busenhaus in the HausHouse.

Dude is getting choked by a laser rope

Cyclops laser eyes in full effect

Julien's wearing my bootleg Supreme jacket. Had to snake a photo of that shit. I think I almost drunkenly fanned out on Carroll. Question mark.


Man of the Hour. And of Instagram. And of the People's History of Skateboarding textbook that hasn't been written yet. 

Um. Between LA and SF I have fallen in love with VOLUME 4. They make the best stickers. The no fucking way one is too epic to not look forward to whatever else they start pumping out. Arco getting heavy hands

Just a photo of my mind on alcohol. Unfortunately I was wasted by 11pm and managed to escort myself home so I didn't somehow wake up in a tree in the tenderloin. Ah, who cares about industry events anyway. Especially when nobody is fucking DANCING!! JESUS. And when you do dance you feel like god damn Kevin Bacon in Bizarro Footloose and you got longhaireds trying to rat you out to the Phelper. But then again it wasn't until much later I realized I had been dancing in front of a screen with skateboarding on it. Cue dancing warehouse scene