Friday, March 14, 2014


Holy hell. Bologna is pretty awesome. Super chill small town vibes out here. The University of Bologna founded in 1088 is one of Europe's oldest universities. Bologna is only second to Istanbul, for me, in terms of historic buildings and architecture I've ever seen. As always, incredibly humbled by the history. There are so many details like extravagant stone or marble carvings and gilded frescos in addition to the abundance of churches and plazas. The amount of religious iconography in a place like Italy leaves no wonder to the imagination as to why religion is so central to Italian culture. My Italian is embarrassing. But it's also kind of funny that "Brunch" is listed in the photo below. Brunch is clearly the invention of lazy Americans who decided Breakfast and Lunch weren't good enough. On a lighter note, I fell in love with this dog. At first, I thought this dog was a statue. But lucky for me, it wasn't! He was the sweetest dog ever. Bologna is full of dogs, couples, couples with dogs, well dressed old people, chain smoking, and insanely good ragu. THE RAGU THOUGH.

Euro styles. NOT AFRAID.

Check out this epic door handle. I want to wear it around my neck.


"The pope smokes dope!" is what the headline should read.


Don't ask, Don't tell.

Pasta Fresca was recommended to me. Tortellinis with mortadella and mozzarella, ravioli with ricotta and parsley, and tagliatelle with ragu. Yes I ate all of those things here. It's a hole in the wall where four, mainly much older women, make all the pasta by hand. One woman offered for me to taste a freshly made tortellini before putting my order in. It was raw but because it was so fresh it tasted delicious! The pasta here is made by angels with nimble fingers of love. Everything tasted great.

Nice sign. Someone's got a huge schnoz.

Found a bar that plays only cassette tapes. It turned out the bartender's father opened the bar and it's a family business. His dad made all these tapes. They also have a Facebook group with a "tape of the week" post which is pretty much as chill as you can get.

Dude hooked me up with an amaretto and blood orange/lime drink that was super tasty. Pictured is my pick: Van Morrison Live '74. When in Italy, do not drink Budweiser.

Past and present

Walked a shit ton this day, ended up purposely getting lost at the edge of the city and as a reward found a lovely hillside park.

Same spot, other direction. Warm Italian sun, notebook in hand, and thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts.

From the bus. Point and shoot.

Two tone.

So cool standing next to something built in 1879. Historic fan out.

110 Euros is $152. Comparing the Euro to the dollar is nothing compared to how bad the dollar is to the Pound.

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