Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Business cards make everything official. And the more America Psycho that shit looks, the better. I guess it just depends what you're selling!Thanks to some speciality printers in Greenpoint and a great creative agency ( High Tide NYC ), I've ended up with some beautifully crafted cards with gold foil stamping and edging. Quality is King. At least it should be.  

Who would have known 7 years ago when I started my blog to complain about assholes, I would end up on this post unveiling my new company cards. It's a funny feeling to know you legally  "own" something. That you are completely accountable and responsible for every failure or success of something. At this point I may have started out as an artist or a designer, but integrating becoming a business owner is the next challenge.  A passion for making shoes by hand more than six years ago that evolved to landing a (chance) corporate job to this is pretty much why living in New York City for this long has been ultimately worth it. Never get it twisted; living out in NYC thousands of miles from home for almost nine years never gets easier. But the choice to make things worthwhile has always been paramount.

I don't know where this beginning will take me but I know this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing. It's a blessing to wake up and know what you want to do. I thank the universe for that.


Helen said...

do you have a web page ?

CURBS ONLY said...

Hi Helen,

Not yet still developing it along with inventory. Once it's up I'll let everyone know! Thanks for asking!