Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One of my gracious hosts in Australia suggested watching "Wake-In-Fright" last night. An obscure Australian exploitation film from the 1970's, it's equipped with enough gory Kangaroo hunting scenes and drunken buffoonery to usher in relentless "outback" stereotypes. I can definitely see where Quentin Tarantino samples a lot of his unyielding, aesthetic from.

On the other hand someone else told me that the movie "Idiocracy" would best describe Australia and that I should watch it. Glad to see Terry Crews all up in that!I guess Australia lies somewhere in between Wake-In-Fright, lots of pristine concrete streets perfect for cruising, exotic flora, some really great Asian food, the cutest marsupial population ever, and Mike Judge's interpretation of a depressing future. I'm sad that I've become allergic to Melbourne as it's extremely dry fall/winter air is abusing my wimpy American sinuses.

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Anonymous said...

haha, a friend of ours put on Wake in Fright after we landed in Melbourne too. He then cooked us up some Kangaroo for dinner. I'll never forget that combo

We also watched Puberty Blues, another Australian classic