Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A very cool project for the next few days is shaping my first cruiser board ever!! Picked out this solid teal blue stain because it reminds me of the first board I ever had- a powell blank. Full circle. One thing Todd had mentioned when we were talking about board shaping is how when he was growing up skating, all skate shops actually offered uncut boards. I think this was right before my time in the mid 90's when I started skating. But like with all industries, politics evolve, and sooner or later, shops stopped carrying uncut boards which competed with pro board sales. Putting together your own board is one thing, I think shaping your board is a whole other level of radness.

Thanks to Todd and Moose's NIKE SB Ludlow Studios board shaping workshop on Thursday! Have an idea we'll see how it turns out! Staying busy this week; time to wake up and get stoked!

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