Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On a more positive note, there is an FKA twigs pop up thing on the corner of Orchard right by the new Fish showing her videos. Last night this video "Papi Pacify" was showing on four screens illuminating the relatively empty LES sidewalks. Without sound, this video acted as a self looping street performance that to me as the viewer, compelled me to ponder female sexuality and race. It's not every day you watch a big, buff black guy sensually putting his fingers into a beautiful girl's mouth on a big screen.

With riots in Ferguson happening simultaneously that demand a call to the racist double standards of a fucked up system, it's a breath of fresh air to note the contrary truths that still exist; the truths that make us all human. The artists and musicians that push those well needed images of empowerment despite the stereotypes and double standards that the media would have us believe, are much needed to fight the battle against ignorance.

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