Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Former FIT Student Sues Barnes & Noble For Stealing Her Backpack Design

This shit gets me so heated! I'm so glad I never *graduated* F.I.T or any other shitty self serving design school. In my humble but worked up opinion, "fashion" schools in America are for the most part a fucking scam aimed to line their pockets at every turn of your curriculum. If I could talk to myself at 19 Id say if you are really interested in learning about "traditional craft", study in Europe and if you go broke it might be better worth it than going broke here and not learning shit.*Except learning how you can get ripped off by countless institutions. The difference between somewhere like F.I.T and Pratt is not just the ever growing financial burden of such a specialized education, but the basic step of getting accepted. Unfortunately in this country more things like craft and trade schools, like in many other countries in the world, should be encouraged for people interested in these fields as realistic alternatives. It's not a coincidence why manufacturing jobs are scarce in America nowadays. I believe this is the result of partly, if not mostly of government agendas long gone, that did not prioritize or protect them in the first place. There is a reason for the decline of manufacturing in this country it did not happen overnight. And going to F.I.T. unfortunately, and certainly, will not stop this trend.

I think people are brainwashed into thinking you go to school to be the next celebrity fashion designer. The truth is most of them won't be especially since so many of these institutions fail to supplement their curriculums with real world after-graduation tools for the future. And in this case, this girl paid her school to fuck her over. It's a fucking shame. And if you can figure it out despite all this, hell to the yes. YOU WIN. And when you are able to create something positive outside of a forced framework that is so clearly out to oppress you and your potential future- we all win.

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