Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This video is super weird. But it's probably because it's a performance piece and I usually fidget through performance pieces (truth). It's interesting though because of how it completely recontextualizes (is that a word?) the idea of google glass as a brand. I guess technology just like any product being sold ideally employs powerful creative imagery to make their stuff not look boring. FKA Twigs is definitely in a league of her own, embodying not only a powerful individual artist identity and voice, but actually finessing this huge line between performance art and a versatile "polished" image that is commercially appealing. FKA Twigs definitely intrigues me as I think she is one of a few young female music artists who are redefining the evolution of modern r&b to me. Of course the music she makes isn't completely genre specific but what she creates definitely showcases a myriad of talent and vision that goes beyond music.

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