Saturday, May 17, 2014

Internet K HOLE ACTIVATE. I'm pretty sure I had that striped beanie in high school.


Stumbled across this gem. Whaaaa?

Stuck traveling for another week or so. At this point when you're on a trip that you want to end and it doesn't, you have to step back and realize it's all a part of a life you signed up for. Have already come down with a cold and still crossing borders in 90 degree heat to oversee molds being made in a factory. Waking up every day and knowing what it is you want to do is important in life and I'm just glad I'm able to do that. I think everything else is a matter of getting used to. Get used to being uncomfortable because if you're not, you're not kicking your own ass enough I guess.

Well since I'm in Hong Kong staying with family, I've decided to check out a skate park about an hour and a half away. I'll have to plot how to get there and when I want to go within the forecasted weather of 90 degree, humidity soaked, weather that is currently blanketing the area. It also doesn't really sound like the most preferable time to go skating, but I've been dragging around my shredsled all over the god damn world just about and only used it twice. It's a shame! Got to use my friend's cruiser board in Melbourne though which was a perfect use of time and energy.

Another thing that's happening in Hong Kong besides Art Basel is this event called French May.
This link features a ton of films within the vain of the below description of this film festival. Even though you might not be able to catch any of these films on the big screen, most of these films are old classics that are still worth a watch. Kind of cool that they are all on one site.



Shit! I don't know if I can catch this movie but if I do I'm about to find "A THOUSAND NEW FRIENDS"

A full description below:

“French shadows, all eyes on China”: from documentaries and love stories, to drama and action, and comedies and films for younger audiences, explore the long lasting relationships between France and China on the big screen!

China has always been a source of fascination and inspiration for the French, and this has translated into cinema. In early 20th century films, Chinese actors usually portrayed villains, and more recently took the role of muse or family member. China also became the d├ęcor for new stories.

In the last 2 decades, the cinematic relationship between the two countries has expanded. France has been a creative host for many Chinese filmmakers including Dai Sijie for The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters or Lou Ye for Love and Bruises and more and more French directors are shooting in China, some even using Chinese stories told in Mandarin, as is the case for The Nightingale by Philippe Muyl.

In 2010, France and China signed a co-production treaty allowing films within the frame of this agreement to be bi-
national. So far few films have benefited from this; the first one being 11 Flowers by Wang Xiaoshuai.
The aim of Le French May cinema programme is to celebrate the enduring exchanges between our two cultures and explore the dialogue and partnerships that have been created along the way. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how French and Chinese films and filmmakers have influenced each other.

This is the kind of new release single that makes me want to fly back to NYC just to pull an all nighter in da club. Hot new track. Even got a TF shoutout.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love this video about some Neon Light tradesmen in Hong Kong. Almost everything around us is a craft. It's always great to discover new ways to appreciate the things around us. Nothing short of inspiring.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One of my gracious hosts in Australia suggested watching "Wake-In-Fright" last night. An obscure Australian exploitation film from the 1970's, it's equipped with enough gory Kangaroo hunting scenes and drunken buffoonery to usher in relentless "outback" stereotypes. I can definitely see where Quentin Tarantino samples a lot of his unyielding, aesthetic from.

On the other hand someone else told me that the movie "Idiocracy" would best describe Australia and that I should watch it. Glad to see Terry Crews all up in that!I guess Australia lies somewhere in between Wake-In-Fright, lots of pristine concrete streets perfect for cruising, exotic flora, some really great Asian food, the cutest marsupial population ever, and Mike Judge's interpretation of a depressing future. I'm sad that I've become allergic to Melbourne as it's extremely dry fall/winter air is abusing my wimpy American sinuses.