Thursday, June 12, 2014


There might be a late night at home, wi-fi conspiracy to make my internet run super slow when I actually feel like blogging at night. But then there's also the other conspiracy that consists of myself not prioritizing uploading my blog as much. I'm going to have to work on both theories a little more. 

I think Instagram is somewhat single handedly responsible for alleviating my tendency to need to "share" images and one liners. It's a little sad in a sense that my devotion to this blog lately has come in slower waves. But it's nice to be back home after three months traveling abroad and I'm stoked to pick up where I left off.

Something did happen on the train this afternoon on my way into the city. A German or Eastern European couple of some sort wearing shitty Nike's boarded the train after my stop. On the bridge, this guy pulls out an orange and starts to peel it, while dropping some of his peels onto the ground as he's talking to what I'm thinking is his girlfriend. To his credit he is trying to stash most of them into a mesh compartment of his backpack. I'm sitting directly across from him just watching him go at this orange. As he continues to unpeel the entire orange, a quarter of the orange unexpectedly lands on the ground. He continues to talk to this girl without thinking twice about his now accumulating section of discarded food.

Look, I know worse things have been left on the train and even grosser things that happen on the train. But there was just something that was so how do you say.. fucking rude! about this situation that I began to daydream about telling him to pick up his trash. Sure it's an orange, but if you're not responsible enough to clean up after yourself then don't fucking eat on public transit. And maybe if you're not responsible enough to clean up after yourself in public then you shouldn't be fucking eating in public.

As I stand up to my approaching stop, I didn't even realize I was talking out loud but I said to him
"Hey, you dropped your orange". He looks at his girlfriend and she starts to quietly laugh and he just ignores me. And then I said "You know I travel a lot too and it's not cool to leave your garbage everywhere." And he goes "Yeah yeah I'll pick it up later" super sarcastically. Look I didn't expect him to do shit really, but all I know is it felt really fucking good to say something. Like, people that litter or blatantly don't care about their environment should be fucking embarrassed. And I'm paying more to ride this subway every year to neither experience upgraded service or better cars, but instead get to watch your tourist ass litter in front of me? Hell to the no.

Sure, New York City is sometimes a giant trash can in itself, but when was the Earth being a giant trash can ever okay to begin with? I think it was just more of a pet peeve because after traveling for so long and witnessing these complete tourists not give a fuck really got under my skin. Traveling to London, Paris, Copenhagen, Bologna, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong,Taiwan, and China in the last three months has given me an even more intense realization of how small the world truly is. Although every country varies in their own states of "cleanliness" and public etiquette, I would never leave my trash behind me. I definitely thought about choosing to not say anything to this guy, because who "has the time" for that kind of thing? Ultimately I realized it's not good to bottle things up that matter, even as stupid as it seems to address a complete stranger. I probably would have just thought about how I wanted to say something the whole day after and how it was lame I didn't and why didn't I? I guess people do change, because I can't ever imagine myself at any other age doing what I did about orange peels. Fuck it though, it is what it is.