Saturday, August 16, 2014


Ittipol bartended my party at Black Bear. He made a lethal tequila punch for the evening. Got me  seeing double by the end of the night! Good job Ittipol!

Have you ever hand carried thirty balloons roughly 30 blocks? Avoid trees , fences, and the wind.

Ronnie!!! This bloke was headed back to his new life in Londontown the following morning. Stoked he was able to cruise by and have a tandem going away party!!

Nothing like hosting a party with your favorite skate videos from your favorite era of skateboarding. Mixtape 1, 2, Penal Code, EST 1,2, 3, Heads, Static IV and V. RB hooked that shit up. And now I can watch these whenever I want on my computer. Best BDAY gift.

Partybone and my Charlie Brown birthday tree


Igei and Dogbone! Stoked!

Wildman vibes

Bowen and Dogbone's friend from the Midwest. Lol looks like a waiting room.

Bryan came through! Oh SNAP! Lucky me! Haven't seen this dude in ages!

Beverly's Fam- Chris and Dan!


Stretch about to come on.. I think this is when the tequila punch started kicking in.


Tran and Bridgette!

Trio of ladies- Manuela, Saara, and Tynneal

Tom, Bowen, Jill, and Janna! Stoked people were able to make it out!

3 out of 4 these people represent my branding company for Onto. Stoked to know not only are they the homies and have done a great job so far- they also are down for party o'clock.


Allen, lady friend, and Falla! Falla got me a keychain crucifix that turns into a mini blade. Sick.


RB and Newps

James is hiding his other eye.

Oh shit! Manhattan in the house!!!


Brian Brown and Budeye

Judging from Brian's face, having a solid time

Allan and Jenna! YESYESYES

Wildman and Gunther

Wildman always holds it down

Ginch and Sarah Math

Andre and Sarah!




Karl walked in and walked out!lol

I don't know how Kenny Anderson ended up at my birthday- but very cool! I should have asked him to do a nosemanuel around the venue.

Manuela gets DOWN


Still getting down

Rahill and her boots


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Made a new flyer for tonight! Stoked on a midnight birthday steez!! RB put together some of my favorite classic 90s/00s skate videos for the projector. What more could a lady ask for?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

But like.. imagine..


Mystery solved. I like when the two German artists are asked why they did it, one responded with " There is no why." Too bad they didn't have a more efficient answer because then maybe facebook could team up with the NYPD to quantify their likes, dislikes, background, and aspirations to build a profile on how to recognize a "grassroots terrorist". 

A pretty good article none the less. Too bad they didn't put up an actual country's flag, like a North Korean, Russian, Chinese.. any Middle Eastern/Muslim or African flag. Whoa could you imagine the responses? Even though that would have been kind of amazing too in it's own way. It's funny how much a seed of an idea ( white flag ) can trigger such a fear based disruption for so many people. As sci-fi realities become more like near-fi, I don't think that will ever change. Also I guess ultimately you can look at this white flag incident in a few ways:

a) it's a white flag; oh no we're fucked!

b)it's a white flag; oh that's kind of cool. 
c)what white flag?

At the end of the day I think to make successful art, it has to make you feel something and I definitely feel that these German artists succeeded in causing a lot of dialogue. When everything seems like it's been done, it's sometimes the unexpected, smallest ideas that can create surprising waves. One thing that doesn't surprise me is that despite these guys scaling the giant cables to get to the top, out of the billions of dollars poured into Anti-terror measures in NYC, you would think there would be at least one surveillance camera on something as iconic as the Brooklyn-fucking-Bridge?

A very cool project for the next few days is shaping my first cruiser board ever!! Picked out this solid teal blue stain because it reminds me of the first board I ever had- a powell blank. Full circle. One thing Todd had mentioned when we were talking about board shaping is how when he was growing up skating, all skate shops actually offered uncut boards. I think this was right before my time in the mid 90's when I started skating. But like with all industries, politics evolve, and sooner or later, shops stopped carrying uncut boards which competed with pro board sales. Putting together your own board is one thing, I think shaping your board is a whole other level of radness.

Thanks to Todd and Moose's NIKE SB Ludlow Studios board shaping workshop on Thursday! Have an idea we'll see how it turns out! Staying busy this week; time to wake up and get stoked!