Saturday, August 23, 2014

Glen Freidman and Ian MacKaye discuss some of the photographs from MY RULES

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On a more positive note, there is an FKA twigs pop up thing on the corner of Orchard right by the new Fish showing her videos. Last night this video "Papi Pacify" was showing on four screens illuminating the relatively empty LES sidewalks. Without sound, this video acted as a self looping street performance that to me as the viewer, compelled me to ponder female sexuality and race. It's not every day you watch a big, buff black guy sensually putting his fingers into a beautiful girl's mouth on a big screen.

With riots in Ferguson happening simultaneously that demand a call to the racist double standards of a fucked up system, it's a breath of fresh air to note the contrary truths that still exist; the truths that make us all human. The artists and musicians that push those well needed images of empowerment despite the stereotypes and double standards that the media would have us believe, are much needed to fight the battle against ignorance.

Thanks to Joe Lat for posting this on facebook. I haven't posted anything about Ferguson. Wake up to the double standards. Let's wake up to the facts. This guy nails the point on the head a few times in the two minutes he has. Great for him, great for all of us. Of course tragic that we even need to talk about this and continually talk about this fucked up shit until the end of time.

Former FIT Student Sues Barnes & Noble For Stealing Her Backpack Design

This shit gets me so heated! I'm so glad I never *graduated* F.I.T or any other shitty self serving design school. In my humble but worked up opinion, "fashion" schools in America are for the most part a fucking scam aimed to line their pockets at every turn of your curriculum. If I could talk to myself at 19 Id say if you are really interested in learning about "traditional craft", study in Europe and if you go broke it might be better worth it than going broke here and not learning shit.*Except learning how you can get ripped off by countless institutions. The difference between somewhere like F.I.T and Pratt is not just the ever growing financial burden of such a specialized education, but the basic step of getting accepted. Unfortunately in this country more things like craft and trade schools, like in many other countries in the world, should be encouraged for people interested in these fields as realistic alternatives. It's not a coincidence why manufacturing jobs are scarce in America nowadays. I believe this is the result of partly, if not mostly of government agendas long gone, that did not prioritize or protect them in the first place. There is a reason for the decline of manufacturing in this country it did not happen overnight. And going to F.I.T. unfortunately, and certainly, will not stop this trend.

I think people are brainwashed into thinking you go to school to be the next celebrity fashion designer. The truth is most of them won't be especially since so many of these institutions fail to supplement their curriculums with real world after-graduation tools for the future. And in this case, this girl paid her school to fuck her over. It's a fucking shame. And if you can figure it out despite all this, hell to the yes. YOU WIN. And when you are able to create something positive outside of a forced framework that is so clearly out to oppress you and your potential future- we all win.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Really interesting article recently shared on facebook covering the argument that cameraphones and technology leave patrons and technology users incapable of "deep engagement with anything". I guess one could also argue that by simply engaging in technology, we naturally forfeit valuable time that could be better spent focusing on really, anything and everything else that doesn't require one to be "plugged in". 

One paragraph I felt kind of nailed some of my feelings on the sentiment:
"We have, as the Harvard academic and internet philosopher Lawrence Lessig puts it, shifted from a "read-only" culture to a "read/write" culture. To blame all of these changes on photography, to worry that the presence of a few cameras is the source of our inattention and self-obsession, is to confuse cause and effect."

I think until people really understand how to even quantify the true effects of technology, the question of whether technology has made everyone that uses it different degrees of stupefied, is going to remain open. Some people are obviously worse off than others. And even to render judgement, to determine who is truly a bigger self obsessed asshole, is not really anyone's job. There's way too many assholes. I feel the proposition of "technology leaving people incapable of deep engagement with anything" is surprisingly complex. The article uses the the National Gallery introducing wifi and camera phones as a specific example to elaborate that very concern.

 Do I believe that we live in a world where personal technology invites users to openly interact with their environments in such a way where everything outside of us becomes an immediate opportunity to accessorize our personal narrative? Hell yes. I do it all the time. This blog is an ancient testament to that.  Since the advent of photography, current nano technology has allowed cameras to be more accessible than ever before. Only very few people at one point could even afford to own a camera, and when you did take a photo everyone presently alive in your immediate family appeared together in their best dress. It just so happens that today, sharing your photos at breakneck speed, allows us to entertain those impulse curiosities we have with ourselves and others, when we have them, as we have them. 

I think ultimately one the questions should be whether there is such thing as a balance to the inattention and self-obsession that technology brings out of us? And out of those who do share, who does it with more palatable discretion? With new apps and platforms created specifically to surpass the popularity of existing tools, engineered and advertised to be more convenient and fresh, do we by nature, become more self obsessed, more addicted? 

 Are we evolving with the technology or is it ultimately decreasing our true understanding of one another by replacing traditionally held truths and behaviors with new, uncharted ones? What are the boundaries and who sets them? Most of us are guilty of oscillating between inattention and self-obsession throughout a normal day- you don't need a camera phone and a share button to prove those shortcomings in human behavior. With social media and platforms like instagram, those once private and almost taboo character qualities we'd normally shy away from publicly, bask in the limelight of internet judgement for our children and our children's children. I guess only time well tell which direction we are headed. Some of you will read it in a newspaper, but I think most people will find out on instagram.

Had to repost this. James Brown killing the game in a Japanese Cup O Noodle commercial.

Monday, August 18, 2014

So.fucking.sick. Berkeley Tennis courts sesh with Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson circa 90/91

I have no idea how I found this online. This might be one of the best things I've found in a while. Entitled "EMB Textures from back in the day". That's all you really need to know. That and Jacob Rosenberg who apparently helped direct Waiting for Lightning as well as a few Plan B videos including Second Hand Smoke uploaded it.

Very cool Marvin Gaye acapella

Rudy Johnson footage I found online. Ugh so fucking rad- accompanied by The Beatles. Steezing out so many different tricks with a kicked out ollie north.

Shout to Galen and his new video "Pixie Dust". I believe he directed his friend's music video. What you see is what you get- casual skateboarding, major TF cameos, sexy rain dancing, flowers, girls- basically ingredients to make most boys happy when they watch a video.