Friday, September 12, 2014

Going to the Catskill for the weekend. No internet, no problem.

Getting ready for my friend's wedding this weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

James Iha "The Boy".. one of the best songs from SP. Posted this song in 2011. Repeat song three years later. September vibes?

I saw there is a new 2 day music festival happening in Red Hook, Brooklyn next month featuring Moby, Girl Talk, and Placebo to name a few. Wow.. some throwbacks. The biggest one being The Crystal Method. LOL. Damn. Then it made me think of this song. What's up 90's?

Cool little :59 second tests.. This one tests if you have more male or female tendencies by gauging the lengths of your ring and index finger ratio. No surprise here- I have more male tendencies. At least there's an alleged science behind this.

Any documentary about skateboarders I'm usually into watching. The only thing I remembered about these guys were they were like Tasmanian devils on vert ramps. I never paid attention to vert skating.. but the name Tas Pappas and an image of him doing some weird skateboard somersault 20 feet out of a vert ramp, is hard to forget. If Tony Hawk refuses to be in your come back doc like 30 years after your vert feud, that's gotta say something. But then again- who cares- it's vert.Just kidding but seriously, I'm sure this is a heartbreaking documentary about a pair of brothers from Australia who probably make the ATL twins look like Justin Beibers.