Thursday, November 6, 2014

Amazing youtube postcard from the homie in NY: Danny! This video is pretty much amazing. Someone let this dude know I'm right here! HOLLA.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today was kind of a game changer. Stuck in Asia again due to supplier delays while trying to set up my first small production run of Spring shoes. Kind of a bummer but unfortunately this is a huuuuuugeee part of the game when you're starting something from scratch and are a packing peanut of a company in a sea of bowling balls. After a few years of traveling to Asia for manufacturing I've given up on feeling anxiety ridden when a return to NYC gets pushed back. I think I've officially entered my "Don't Give a Fuck if I'm still in Asia" phase since today I was forced to purchase a Hong Kong/China double sim card cell phone in order to provide myself with wifi as I travel. It's kind of the best thing ever. And even better for my blog since I've really slacked on updating this thing for the past year. I've had to stalk wifi ports throughout Hong Kong to get a good connection. Unfortunately, no drunk rants as of late, just stressed out blocks of silence due to thinking about business shit/ planning business shit/ emailing/ sourcing/ just overall responsibility oriented stress. One of the biggest mental pitfalls of starting a shoe company has definitely been a bit of a clouded ideal of imagining most of it would be "design" and "development" oriented- the fun stuff. 

Unfortunately it has turned out that 80% has been just dealing with every moving particle involved in producing a product from absolutely nothing.  Man, the logistics are probably the worst. So shitty , uninteresting, obscure, costly tasks that require tons of research to sort through and understand. Starting a business in America is expensive. Let's just say I've even run into a barcode mafia during my adventures. In the United States, most products require unique bar codes. Every barcode that is assigned is generated using a prefix that is unique to your company. Depending on how many items you are making, a one time is fee is required which can range into the thousands of dollars, while still requiring you to make additional yearly fees thereafter. I mean, who starts a fucking company to deal with costly barcode politics? Being this stressed kind of reminds me of the opposite vibe which is probably Chris Senn just smashing through his video part in Jump Off A Building. Which is often what I find myself wanting to do lately.