Monday, June 22, 2015


Quartersnacks featured an interesting article about the original creator of the throwback and iconic "solo jazz" paper cup design. The idea of appropriation is part of America's cultural history and future, and as much as the idea of "authenticity" is slippery at best, it's always great to see and learn about these unsung artists and image makers.

Carolyn Davidson is also another anonymous artist who is solely responsible for creating the Nike swoosh logo in 1971. She was a female graphic design College student who charged Phil Knight $35(up for debate) for her work. Really interesting story.

Question: “I am a new shareholder, what does the swoosh mean and where did it originate?”
Phil Knight: I remember that. That was 38 years ago, and we were coming out with a NIKE line and we had to have a logo.
And we hired a graphic art student at Portland State University, and told her to come up with something that connoted speed, and we gave her $75.00 for what she came up with. When we went public in 1980, we called her back up and gave her 500 shares of stock, which she has never sold, and is worth close to $1 million this day.

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