Saturday, December 5, 2015

saw this sick hat by at lb skate  

I have to admit after watching this History channel documentary about "Trump" on the airplane, even though the older lady next to me kept looking over every time I laughed at a Trump clip, there is something to be said about how relatable he is to his core constituents just because he says whatever I imagine an embarrassing drunk uncle at a white person's Thanksgiving would ramble on about. Sidebar: It's kind of the same feeling I get when I am deboarding the same said flight, and a drunk Long Beach couple about my age, looks at me and says "Shie Shie ( Thank you)" while allowing me to pass through the public airplane aisle. Because what else do you when ur drunk af and see two unrelated Asians sitting together? Like I can imagine someone's drunk uncle approaching the 'fall down' zone and yammering about building a wall with Mexico with a big giant door and making the Mexicans pay for it type shit. On the other hand, Uncle Bernie would be like that other uncle who lives on a boat in Marin and is the family member you'd always want to hang out with because he's just so cool and slightly weird and all your politically minded friends want to meet him. This is sort of a multi layered rant- my point being Trump totally sucks but there is something to be said about the "political correct" atmosphere and times we all live in where his bigoted foot in mouth disease has been embraced by a shit ton of people - As much as I am offended and my blood hisses when people do and say stupid shit to make me feel like a foreigner, most of the time it is an offensive bark with no bite. Just like there are butt grooves in a well used couch, these three feelings: being uncomfortable,being annoyed and being pissed are the well worn butt grooves of my soul couch that has probably made me a more mindful person about others I come across. People are just fucking stupid and you can't cure stupid unfortunately. Was that politically correct?

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