Friday, January 23, 2015

"In the Radical Brownies, girls learn about social justice movements such the Black Panthers and the Chicano group Brown Berets. They wear their brown berets in homage to those two groups. But they also study how Disney princesses define girls’ image of beauty, and how that can affect self-image."

S o  f u c k i n g  c o o l. Society always wants to say racism doesn't exist but the only real cure for ignorance is education. It's great to see something like this happening.. especially in a place like Oakland where I would expect nothing less. But beyond race, this is another reminder of how women and young girls have and will always be a part of the equation in the struggle that is oppression. Seeing that such young girls are interested in being a part of something like this, as well as being supported by their community,is truly inspiring.

Planet Ludlow from Corey Shaff on Vimeo.

Very cool L.E.S. video from 1995: Planet Ludlow

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I mean if you haven't seen this skit yet, you're lying to yourself. Dead.