Friday, February 13, 2015

Broad City- what up

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Damn it's been like 12 days since I last updated. I think it's safe to say my mind has not heavily prioritized this blog space as it once did unfortunately. But on the other hand, it's all good- it's evolution. Still working on my new company as starting a business has forced me to look at everything in terms of weeks and months and not so much days and weeks. Planning ahead unfortunately becomes a luxury in these cases as most moving parts involved in manufacturing and shipping are beyond your control. In that way it kind of blows and is a much slower, more stressful approach to how I am naturally programmed. It also has zero percent to do with design and all the cool shit I thought I would be doing more of. At the end of the day, when you start a business what is the point of designing 200 cool things if you can't even sell a handful of them? I'm not sure if that's the pessimist or optimist in me talking. 

Working on a zine with a friend in the meantime which subject matter requires research. When it's finished it will probably be the only zine I've ever made and would be willing to share with others. In the meantime I've buried personal zines I've made in the past which have acted more as heavily collaged and aggressively narrated pieces of paper stapled together meant to be rediscovered every few years for a good laugh.

Although Instagram has taken a lot more of my blogging time and attention, it is interesting how different the platforms are in terms of having a "blog" vs having an "instagram" account. The difference being I don't think anybody would look at a "blog" filled with selfies". But they definitely would look at an instagram account filled with them. I always felt self expression and documentation was important, until instagram made me realize that now self expression and documentation has jumped several steps ahead to self branding and ultimately to social media stardom if the "product" is marketable. It's given people enormous power over their images, personalities, and messages to ultimately peddle products to their followers. Whether the product is an actual product or if it's the idea that you take a lot of inspiring breast feeding photos or lead a life of alternative celebrity superstardom it comes down to the fact that there is always money making potential in what you choose to share, and most of all what you choose to omit.

There's nothing wrong with any of it, it can just be a bit overwhelming to take in sometimes. At the end of the day if you don't take yourself too seriously I guess that's all that matters. Which leads me to the below youtube clip of the guys from South Park going to the Oscars on acid. Thanks to Lauren for liking this on FB.