Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A good friend challenged me to a week with no social media.. namely Instagram and Facebook. I don't think my blog counts since it's not technically social media seeing that absolutely nobody reads this, the last time I updated the blog was like 10 days ago, and I'm usually just talking to myself. Which is what makes this little cave of a blog that much more cozy. I thought I would share some daily thoughts during my 7 day no gram, no fb week. Maybe the goal at the end of the week is to regain spiritual balance, best illustrated by a dolphin frolicking with a dog in warm water.

Day 1:
12:50AM: Right now is when I would look on instagram to see what people were doing. Since my integrity is everything, I will follow this social media black out all the way through. No slip ups since I've signed out of all my accounts. I feel myself fantasizing about clicking the shit out of the Instagram icon and logging on because I've had a few glasses of wine- but not tonight. Must stay on track. Kick Danny's ass.

Day 2:
9:46AM: in the morning and as I check my text messages I realize I would naturally start to scroll through my instagram right about now. I find that when I answer texts I usually go for the instagram button right after- as if my Instagram account was an answering machine and I'd have to check any old messages. But instead of checking IG or posting thoughts and articles on FB, I've spent the past two mornings calling friends on the phone and updating them about things I'd normally post as random or actually personally significant thoughts. I don't feel any particular urge- but I do realize that my mind needs to wander as working from my home constantly fucking blows sometimes and I enjoy visual breaks. Social media is kind of like coffee or crack for the mentally restless and the insatiably curious. To which I'd like to say k holing through social media for visual research is a much different "fix" than trolling through profiles to ghost on crushes and/or be sidetracked into the lives of people who are so far removed from you, by the end of your six degrees of separation spiral you actually consider you might be suffering from an undiagnosed, social media driven disorder.

8:40PM: Thinking about getting pizza at Prince St Pizza wondering if I was on instagram whether if something was going on in the city before I retreat to Brooklyn. Don't have Instagram though or Facebook, so will have to rely on someone texting me or calling me on a Tuesday about something- which will never happen. And it doesn't.

Get a linked in invitation from someone called "Man Wang" in China. His profile photo is a picture of a rubber outsole and a sneaker laying on top of it- obviously an overseas footwear connection. If I was on instagram today I would definitely post this Man Wang invitation. I'd also feel like posting a picture I saw in Chinatown of a jar of yellow ooze advertised as "Snail Slime Filtrate". But I guess nobody else needs to see that- or do they?? Those are the questions of the day.

Damn. I have this hat! Found at a thrift store in the bay area. Might have to bring it back out in the summer.

Don't have this costume, but should probably think about getting one now.