Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's been a while since I've posted some casual music youtubes. Stoked to have some time to post some recent tunes I've been feeling.

Thanks to Dogbone for giving Womack & Womack a shout out this week

:Continuation of No Social Media Week:

Day3: Made a note to check out Lower Dens the band to myself. Starting to think if I have major projects or deadlines within the week I should ban myself from social media until it gets done. Might actually be an effective form of self discipline. Because I am actually getting more work done even when I am distracting myself from my other normal set of distractions.

Day4: One hour is a lifetime on the internet. One hour is also the same amount of time it takes me to watch one episode of Mad Men. Realizing maybe instagram is the greatest distraction tool ever invented. The double edged sword being without Instagram, I tend to realize how fucking stressed out I actually am with my current day to day. It also makes me feel a little less alienated.

Day5: I can hear the baby birds outside squawking with new life. It sounds like a frenzy of chaos out there but they're probably hungry and confused. It's a bit poetic for some reason. Early Mariah Carey is my therapist.

Day6:Barely the sixth day, I hope it doesn't snow tomorrow. "Under Pressure" by Queen is one of the best songs of all time. Realizing that being off the grid furthers anyone's agenda of mystery. Is mystery overrated or undervalued in this day an age? While we live in a dawn of technology aided hyper transparency, I can not help but admit I have always had a hyper compulsion to document most things so I'm not sure if I'm enlightening myself in the process or screwing myself over. While I realize I can come across like an outlier of randomized observations, I can not help but to appreciate a casual cloak of secrecy in others.

I've always been a proponent of shared information and experiences but realizing that social media dictates and influences your behavior in the present is largely true. Bored? Check your phone. Looking for the time? Check your phone. Change your plans. This is what social media offers. Human beings are constantly bored. Bored with others, bored with ourselves. The question is whether you like the version of yourself that social media brings out? Or do you prefer the version of yourself that being off the grid provides? Maybe with enough thought and consideration there is a healthy middle ground that can be made.

Day 7:Final day. Amazing milestone in terms of officially hiring two part time employees for Onto. The band is official. Contemplating logging in. Promise yourself you gotta turn off these dumb notifications.

Final result: Okay I just logged in. Seemed like a big waste of time. Ultimately, I feel like without social media I naturally gravitate towards people that actually matter to me. Who would have thought? Those are the people that actually hit you up to hang out and let you know when their band is playing on text. Being off the grid affords you the opportunities to cultivate those relationships. It's easy to take for granted. I do hate the feeling of not knowing what's going on, but there is something truly satisfying about the freedom of operating without a network of predetermined life information.
I have to admit when I first heard that "Fresh Off the Boat" was going to become a real show on primetime it made me skeptical that it would be a floodgate to reinforcing toxic stereotypes about a facet of my Taiwanese Chinese American culture. This show is clearly not a representative of all Asian American culture but the fact some people have found that it should be is not so unexpected. It's probably due to the cultural thirst created by the fact that there are zero other shows on tv with an all Asian American cast that can even attempt at embodying some sort of relatable "All American family". If you can get past the horrible gong'ed out Cypress Hill intro and the terrible show name, I'll admit the show somehow manages to balance out.
Some episodes are actually pretty funny. The year I was born, "Long Duk Dong" became a quintessential pop culture icon of the 80's. He was basically a "fresh off the boat" geek equipped with a fierce butt cut and broken English one liners from some Asian country not worth mentioning in the movie. (Ironically, Gedde Watanabe who played Long Duk Dong grew up in Ogden,Utah to a Japanese American mother who was forced into a US internment camp during WW2.) But I guess we've come a long way since the time of screen stars like Anna May Wong who were forced to cinematically represent the evils of "Yellow Peril" which included "scheming, robbing, and killing". If the concept of Yellow Peril where "the vision of the menace from the East was always more racial rather than national,"(Americanhistorian,JohnDower) I'm not sure there is a show, a movie, an actor or actress(American born or not) to fix that fundamentally institutionalized westernized mindset of perpetual foreigner turned model minority.