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Thursday, May 28, 2015

"One week in Kabul is intense."
"In the spring of 2009 four professional skateboarders received an invitation for a skateboarding trip to Kabul. Louisa Menke from the Netherlands, Americans Kenny Reed and Cairo Foster, and Syrian-Emirati Maysam Faraj were asked by German documentary producer RenĂ© Kock to feature in Skateistan, Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul. The film would document the Afghan capital’s first skateboarding school Skateistan. As the first professional skateboarders to visit Afghanistan, the four were to work with the Skateistan students while recording their impressions of daily life in Kabul."-via Skateistan
Both Melissa Ip and myself hosted a very casual interview with photographer and skateboarder, Louisa Menke about her latest project “Some Time To Smile”. The premise was to explore Louisa’s very unique, experience skating in Afghanistan “as a woman being able to do something a man couldn’t do”.
I first met Louisa at Tompkins Square Park through our mutual friend, Nugget. Nugget told her my name was “Jizz” instead of Jilleen. We skated that day together, and we’ve been friends ever since.
This conversation took place in Central Park in May of 2015, following the book's initial reception at Marlborough Gallery. You can visit to purchase a book. All proceeds go to the NGO Skateistan.

I support Erotic Skate Fiction. Stoked to see old Autumn/TF heads working on projects outside of skating and making them a reality. There's also a recent interview on Quartersnacks with Andrew that's pretty good.

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