Friday, November 18, 2016

If you haven't seen this yet, must watch. Love Chapelle.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Having chosen to create the “global economy” in the 1980s, the elites decided to replace America’s manufacturing base with the “FIRE” economy (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate). I'm skipping over the other things that happened during the 80's, but generally speaking from the 1980’s until now, especially in our generation, we’ve witnessed catastrophic results and crisis from policies backed by the government that were decades in the making. Meanwhile, education, medicine, and insurance have all become rackets dedicated to maximum profit. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. IMO this was a continuation of a “change” ballot. Obama was able to sweep the nation over a message of Change and Hope and what Trump maximized on was a platform of Change and Fear. 

Interestingly enough, I heard on the radio from a Green Party rep this morning that according to polls among third party voters when given a choice between Trump and Clinton only, over half said they would have not voted at all. And then apparently out of those that said if they did choose to vote, some would have even considered voting for Trump. Yeah guys, people wanted and still want change that bad. Not only that, but after talking to a much older Conservative who actually gave money to Sanders and voted for Trump- the underestimation of older voter constituents hatred for Clinton was heavily overlooked. 

There are people out there on the left who are not buying the whole “working class white vote” thing without jumping to racist. Sure there is overlap, but when you talk about the situation how is the focus so easily just about racism? One of the discussions I feel like the country has never fully addressed is the imbalance of what kind of economies and jobs have been created that have furthered massive wealth disparity domestically: white collar and largely white culture of Silicon Valley and tech. Apparently this disconnect is what people now call a "culture gap". The increase of white collar labor since the 80’s means that we have become inherently a nation of thinkers (often times overthinkers) - web designers, engineers, marketers, lawyers, inventors etc but inherently most sit in a cubicle at least to a lot of blue collar manual laborers. And while some might trivialize the “simpleton” ideals of people that prefer a straight forward existence of just clocking into a job, I’m trying to avoid mass media’s insistence that the plight of another portion of the country’s resistance to feeling their voice has been lost in the process ( as racist and bigoted as it is ) also doesn’t include this part of the conversation that is rarely ever addressed within the left as most of us that live in big cities benefit from the conveniences in which those economies thrive. 
Apparently, what Americans were praying for was a tornado. It actually didn’t matter what it looked like as long as “Business as Usual” was uprooted at it’s foundation. And no guys, not just a slogan- a totally real sentiment. And in the aftermath of being left to our own devices, even during the height of “political liberalism” in this country, most of us are feeling that the devastation of this election has eroded whatever shiny semblance of tolerance voting Clinton into office would have provided. In objective terms left, right, center, third party and non voter, the American people were willing to take a chance on this outcome. And as much as I’ve been wanting to see the Electoral College take a hike, because of how close it was between those that did decide to vote, I’ve had to take a step back to evaluate the many reasons of how we actually got here. Back in May there was a great article in NYMag who’s title was “America has never been so ripe for tyranny,” explaining democracies end when they are too democratic. And whether you think Trump is actually the devil or not, all I know is that I’m not jealous of white people this Thanksgiving. They have a lot of shit to talk about- old, racist, white uncles better watch out.. their city, left leaning nephews and nieces are coming for them. Haha. Until then, the left need to get their shit together in terms of which causes we're fighting for because clearly there were way too many of them to avoid this outcome. And hey if Trump does somehow stimulate job growth while getting alt right wingers into high places in the government among the many horrifying policies he stands to implement- I guess that was the cost America was willing to take to avoid stagnation on multiple levels.

Since posting this on Instagram a friend of mine mentioned that based on data, white men and women voters both leaned towards Trump across classes, incomes, and education. The core of white identity politics won out over economics, gender, and education. It makes sense to me as I feel the traditional narratives of blaming working class white people is a cop out of what is actually a hugely critical time in "white identity politics" in America. But let's call it for what it is, let's recognize it for what it is and figure it out rather than passing the blame on "other" white people. 

Been listening to this jam a lot lately. Keeps me hopeful somehow.